Have you ever wondered why our smartphones and computers have all the latest technology, while our home and garden feel so left out?

Yes, that’s exactly what we thought too!



Our Founder and CEO

Lawrence Ying is a dreamer, an engineer, and the Founder and CEO of Homedigy.  He was one of the first twenty hardware engineers at Google, and has been a pioneer in reinventing how modern computer systems work in the Cloud era.

Photo of Lawrence and his daughter

Born from Frustration, Fueled by Innovation

GeoDrops was born out of a common homeowner's struggle: unreliable watering. Existing smart irrigation systems often overwater or underwater plants, and consumer-grade soil sensors frequently provided inaccurate readings. Traditional agricultural sensors, while effective, were prohibitively expensive and required constant manual recalibration. After testing dozens of options, the team behind GeoDrops knew there had to be a better way.

A Team of Experts, a Shared Vision

The GeoDrops team is comprised of visionaries and seasoned engineers from top US tech companies. They share a common goal: harness the power of advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize a neglected corner of our homes – our backyards and gardens. GeoDrops brings cutting-edge technology to our everyday life, empowering homeowners to create thriving landscapes with minimal effort.