Have you ever wondered why our smartphones and computers have all the latest technology, while our home and garden feel so left out?

Yes, that’s exactly what we thought too!

Our Founder & CEO

Lawrence Ying is an engineer, dreamer, and the Founder and CEO of Homedigy.  He was one of the first twenty hardware engineers at Google, and has been a pioneer in reinventing how modern computer systems work in the Cloud era.

photo of Lawrence Ying

Our Company & Team

Our engineering team consists of many senior engineers and lead designers from Top U.S. high tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and more.

Together, we believe we can finally take the very best in artificial intelligence (A.I.), robotics, and user experience, to a place that is the most intimate and yet the least technologically advanced in our daily lives:  our physical homes and backyards.