GeoDrops AI:

Next-gen Sensor Intelligence


(background photo showing GeoDrops during early-stage development in 2022)






Unmatched Moisture Accuracy

Diagram showing what GeoDrops senses in soil.

GeoDrops is the first production sensor to measure the full volumetric soil moisture between two sensor probes using a cutting-edge capacitive displacement sensing technique. This translates to an industry-leading precision of ±0.01% in moisture detection capability, regardless of soil type.

Diagram showing GeoDrops works for all soil types.

These GeoDrops Droplet sensor readings are stored as dielectric vectors, which train the AI soil physics model in GeoDrops Cloud. This model is what ensures your plants get exactly what they need, for optimal growth and water conservation.

Self-Learning AI

Traditional soil sensors require extensive calibration for different soil types, and can be easily disrupted by bugs and earthworms. GeoDrops eliminates this hassle with the power of AI and Big Data.

Diagram showing what GeoDrops AI is capable of computing.




GeoDrops in Action:  Real Data, Real Results

Here are actual GeoDrops data collected from Lawrence's backyard in Mountain View, CA, over a one-week period in July 2023.

Demo of GeoDrops sensor readings

 The moisture histogram reveals some very valuable insights:

By providing real-time data and insights, GeoDrops empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of your watering needs. This translates to water conservation, healthier plants, and a thriving garden.



The Power of Edge Computing

GeoDrops Droplets are more than just smart sensors.

Each Droplet is a miniaturized powerhouse – an edge computer with a built-in AI-capable processor.

GeoDrops Droplet is up to 60x faster in CPU performance benchmark

Here's what makes them special:

The more GeoDrops are used, the more data is collected, and the smarter the entire system becomes. This translates to:



Did you know?

Thanks to our amazing Beta testers, GeoDrops has already amassed one of the world's largest databases of quality, real-world soil data.

Collected via GeoDrops Droplets, this 600,000+ hours (and growing!) of soil data across 35+ US and Canadian regions fuels our AI engine, making GeoDrops smarter and more effective with every garden it waters.