Story behind proper watering

Proper watering is one of the most important factors for a lush and healthy garden, while fertilizers and other seasonal care are only supplements.

Modern so-called “smart” irrigation controllers optimize irrigation schedules based primarily on weather information, rendering them ineffective in determining the lawn or garden’s actual watering needs.

GeoDrops system block diagram

Multiple GeoDrops sensors work together to gather real-time water and soil characteristics across your entire garden

GeoDrops hub gathers these individual sensor signals to drive the optimal irrigation schedule for you.

Current “smart” irrigation controllers rely on weather alone, rendering them ineffective to accurately determine your plants' actual watering needs.  GeoDrops is a smarter way to water, providing you with a healthy lush garden while saving you water and money.

GeoDrops' next-gen A.I. (artificial intelligent) sensor arrays are capable of measuring the amount of volumetric water profile difference between sunny and cloudy days, long and short grass heights, and loamy and sandy soil conditions.

GeoDrops works by first gathering local weather data online.  It then builds upon that information by combining vast amounts of sensor data, and uses its powerful A.I. onboard computer to apply hydrological and edaphological science to determine when and how much to water.  It then sends that processed data to either the GeoDrops App or the (optional) GeoDrops Hub via Cloud.

In short, GeoDrops actually measures and learns your soil and plant subterranean ecosystem in ways never before possible or affordable for residential homes.  And in return, it can provide tailored and extremely precise watering based on your plants' actual needs and not simply general weather conditions.

The optional GeoDrops Hub can drive your existing irrigation controller.  It automatically adjusts to extend or shorten your irrigation schedule (up to a user configurable amount) as appropriate to ensure that your lawn, flower beds, or vegetable gardens are always in their best condition, while saving you tons of water in the meantime.  You can configure different GeoDrops sensors for different watering zones.

All in all, GeoDrops can deliver a more tailored and effective irrigation schedule than any other Smart Home device on the market.

Why is GeoDrops A.I. sensing special?

Most cheap soil sensors you can find on Amazon or eBay are inaccurate and break easily.  GeoDrops is different.

Class-leading sensor hardware

Four soil moisture sensing techniques are relatively well known in academia:

GeoDrops implements our proprietary hybrid-FDR sensor hardware array, allowing it to not only respond to an astonishing ±0.01% moisture delta accuracy, but also the ability to measure different moisture level at different soil depths, all while maintaining its low cost for general consumers.

A.I. (artificial intelligent) sensor data processing

Most gardening devices are extremely outdated when it comes to computer technologies.  This is true even for many expensive scientific sensors.  This means that most soil sensors are meant to be used undisturbed -- which is a fancy way for saying "please follow precise lab instructions".

GeoDrops sensor is designed differently, and instead contains a powerful computer inside that is capable of performing complex A.I. data processing.  GeoDrops can continuously learn and re-adapt itself to a changing environment.  This allows GeoDrops to perform accurate soil readings as the season changes, and continuously tolerate small environmental disturbances, time after time.

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