What is GeoDrops?

GeoDrops is a revolutionary smart irrigation management system that leverages next-gen AI signal processing, and class-leading sensor arrays, to drive an extremely effective watering schedule.  It can deliver a prettier garden while simultaneously saving up to 70% of outdoor irrigation water.

GeoDrops is the first consumer product on the market capable of measuring detailed soil conditions, such as evapotranspiration rate and moisture content at different soil depths, allowing it to ensure every water drop is used as effectively as possible by your plants' roots.  In the past, this level of soil analysis and water conservation was only available through costly agricultural or commercial-grade sensor systems, costing thousands of dollars.

GeoDrops works for all types of landscaping, including flower beds, vegetable gardens, and green lawns.  GeoDrops also works for all watering methods, including manual garden hoses, traditional irrigation controllers, and smart irrigation controllers. It gives you peace of mind by continuously monitoring your garden and soil, and can even control your irrigation controller directly.  It dials down your water use on cloudy days, and knows when to skip watering on rainy days.

Advantages of GeoDrops

Prettier Garden

Say goodbye to guesswork and water waste! GeoDrops employs AI sensor arrays to precisely gauge the amount of water your garden requires. With GeoDrops, your garden will flourish like never before.

Money Saver

GeoDrops can pay for itself in just a few months, and help save you up to 70% of your irrigation water. GeoDrops automatically uses less water on cloudy days than sunny days, and knows exactly how many days to skip watering after a rainstorm.

Going green with solar panels or plug-in electric vehicles is great, but starting with GeoDrops can help you save even more money while making a bigger impact on climate change and water conservation.

Peace of Mind

With GeoDrops, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your garden and soil are being continuously monitored. Plus, with long-lasting batteries that can go up to 12 months and direct control over your Irrigation Controller, you won't have to worry about constantly adjusting your irrigation schedule and can instead just sit back and relish in your beautiful garden.

Class-Leading Technologies

GeoDrops is a Cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. GeoDrops can be accessed anywhere via the Internet using the GeoDrops App. GeoDrops can also monitor your soil temperature for when to seed, detect water leaks, plus so much more!

How GeoDrops system works?

The GeoDrops system is made up of one or more Droplets, each a miniature WiFi-connected computer with a powerful integrated AI sensor processor. The GeoDrops Droplet is as small as a sprinkler head, is fast to install, and is tough for any outdoor use, with batteries lasting up to an entire year.

The GeoDrops system implements a distributed AI computer architecture that processes both individual GeoDrops Droplet data and online weather information, and can be accessed anywhere via the GeoDrops smartphone App. GeoDrops is also compatible with IFTTT, allowing compatible smart irrigation controllers to be directly driven by the GeoDrops system.

For those with a traditional irrigation system, the optional GeoDrops Station (available in spring 2024) can connect to your irrigation system using a physical hardwire. This allows the GeoDrops system to continue to operate in offline mode when the internet is down, using local soil moisture data to determine when to water your plants. The GeoDrops Station also extends the range of GeoDrops Droplets, freeing up your home WiFi device count with its custom wireless protocol, which extends the wireless range by up to 4x when compared to standard home WiFi.

Leader in AI soil sensor technology

Most consumer soil sensors are notorious for their inaccuracy and fragility. GeoDrops is different.

GeoDrops Sensor Readings
Others Sensor Readings

Class-leading sensor hardware

In academia, four soil moisture sensing techniques are commonly used:

GeoDrops Droplet stands out with its proprietary hybrid-FDR sensor hardware array, which not only delivers a remarkable ±0.01% moisture delta accuracy, but also measures different moisture levels at different soil depths, all while remaining affordable to most homeowners.

AI sensor data processing

Modern AI computing technologies are often absent from gardening devices, including agricultural-grade soil sensors. As a result, many soil sensors require laborious digging and precise installation procedures to function accurately. GeoDrops, however, stands out from the crowd.

Every GeoDrops Droplet is equipped with a powerful AI sensor processor that can perform sophisticated data processing. With continuous learning and adaptation, GeoDrops can tolerate minor environmental changes and provide accurate soil readings throughout the season, ensuring consistent performance time after time.

GeoDrops: An Engineering Marvel

GeoDrops is the result of the hard work of six world-class senior engineers and industrial design veterans from top Silicon Valley companies, who combined their expertise in multiple engineering disciplines to create a product that is both innovative and user-friendly.

Here are some geeky technical details:

Energy-efficient AI computer

Each GeoDrops Droplet is a powerful Edge-AI computer node that uses an ULP microprocessor and a two-stage power gating system architecture. Its incredible computational power makes most other smart sensors on the market look like child's play, while its low power consumption allows up to 12 months of battery life while staying on WiFi.

Built to withstand the elements

GeoDrops Droplet can be used in any outdoor environment, from the desert to the rainforest. It is made with ultra-durable materials, including automobile-grade ASA composite enclosure, machine-grade 316 stainless steel fastening, and aerospace-grade G10 fiberglass sensor blades.

GeoDrop Droplets use commercial-grade silicone O-rings, commonly found in underwater camera housings and traffic lights, to create a watertight seal. They are designed against industrial-grade outgassing standards, which are much stricter than the IP67 rating for modern "waterproof" smartphones. This is an industry first in consumer-priced soil sensor designs.

The thermal subsystem features an oversized passive heatsink that efficiently redirects excess CPU heat to the ground through one of the sensor probes, ensuring reliable performance even during the hottest summer days.

Advanced modern software

GeoDrops utilizes cutting-edge software architecture similar to modern smartphones, leaving traditional irrigation equipment that has been around for decades behind in the dust.

GeoDrops Droplet supports automated over-the-air (OTA) software updates, which can be performed without interrupting your use of the device. In addition, it features enterprise-grade Secure Boot and Storage Encryption to protect your gardening data and privacy.  The Cloud software backend consists of an advanced multi-cloud, dual-stage architecture that enables incremental live AI tuning, as well as big data analytics, storage, and processing.

In short, GeoDrops Droplets continuously learn and adapt to your garden's unique requirements. Its upgradable software ensures that we can keep adding new features to improve your gardening experience over time.

World-class manufacturing quality

Our factory partners are carefully handpicked by us. The FA factory (final assembly) has produced many Google consumer hardware devices, while the IM factory (injection molding) has produced products for Siemens, Bosch, and Huawei. We are confident that all GeoDrops devices will meet the highest industry standards on quality.