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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Our Promise

30 day return

1 year warranty

Lifetime full AI capabilities
(no subscription required)

Full refund/reimbursement* for 1 device,
if you also back us on Kickstarter later

In the Box

Ships in generic OEM box and packaging.

GeoDrops Droplet (2023 Edition) AI Smart Home device, for outdoor and indoor use

Spare M4 screws

Spare O-ring

Looking for User Manuals and Instructions during Public Beta?

They're available for download on our Tech Specs page.


Frequently Asked Questions

* How does the “full reimbursement” process work?

Once our Kickstarter campaign goes live later this year, please support us on Kickstarter with a purchase of $69 or more.

Once our Kickstarter campaign has closed and the funds have been collected, we will send you a GeoDrops public beta reimbursement request form. Please fill out the form with your Square order number, your Kickstarter order number, and your contact information. We will process and issue a full refund of your Square purchase amount within 15 business days.

This "public beta reimbursement" promotion is limited to one device per person.

Kickstarter devices will only ship in year 2024.  We only have 700 devices remaining this year.

Is this a Production or Beta GeoDrops device?

You are purchasing a production GeoDrops Droplet device (2023 Edition) in a generic OEM box, with fully-functional, final hardware sensor design.  Every GeoDrops Droplet shipped has passed our strict factory test process, and is manufactured at enterprise-class factory quality control standards.

Only the GeoDrops AI sensor software is currently in limited Beta.

What is GeoDrops’ AI capability today?

Beta features available today:

As the AI sensor software capabilities evolve, your GeoDrops device will continue to receive these AI feature upgrades automatically through OTA (over-the-air) software updates.

Upcoming AI features:

Why is the quantity limited?  Why only one reimbursement per person?

We are slowly ramping up our manufacturing volume, which means that the manufacturing cost per device is currently very high and is being actively optimized for volume production.

Additionally, since these devices are fully subsidized by our Kickstarter promotion during the current software beta period, we are actually losing a significant amount of money with each device sold. Therefore, we hope to have these limited devices circulated to as many different locations and people's hands as possible, so we can gather a larger variety of field data for our AI training in return.

I’m already a GeoDrops Insider with an existing device, can I buy one more?

Yes!  Unlike the free device you received as a GeoDrops Insider that needs to be returned at the end of the Beta program, this is a GeoDrops device owned by you that does not need to be returned.

Can I return GeoDrops for a full refund if I don’t like it?

Yes!  You have up to 30 days from the day of the arrival of the package to try out the GeoDrops Droplet device.  If you don’t like it, simply mail the device back to us in a like-new condition for a full refund.  Please see our Return Policy document for more information.

You mentioned using GeoDrops field data for AI training.  What information do you collect from all the GeoDrops devices?

As mentioned in the "GeoDrops Sensor Data" section of our Privacy Policy, the GeoDrops device only collects and uploads soil temperature and moisture information (stored as time-series dielectric vectors) into the GeoDrops Cloud for AI training purposes.  These data are stored forever, eventually anonymized, and are fully encrypted at rest with strict access control.

The GeoDrops device also collects other information, such as your device's battery level, Wi-Fi signal strength, and device health information. This data is used to offer you advanced device status information and will be deleted once you delete your account. It will never be used for AI training purposes.

Will the GeoDrops Droplet 2024 Edition be any different?

The GeoDrops Droplet 2024 Edition will be the devices that we will be offering for advanced pre-order on Kickstarter. They will have the exact same sensor design and CPU inside. The only difference is that they will have slight improvements to the mechanical construction, based on the learnings from all of the beta testing.

The currently planned changes for the 2024 Edition are:

GeoDrops Droplet 2024 Edition devices will not be available until Late Spring of 2024.