World's smartest irrigation manager









in plain sight.






















AI soil sensor + AI irrigation manager

GeoDrops helps you water perfectly, every time.

Enjoy a gorgeous garden without the hassle or waste.

Available spring 2024, starting at just $99 $69 (launch day special)










Prettier garden

GeoDrops uses soil sensors and AI processors to measure exactly how much water your garden needs, so you can stop guessing and start enjoying a prettier garden.

Peace of Mind

GeoDrops gives you complete peace of mind by continuously monitoring your garden and soil.

It can even control your Irrigation Controller directly!

Money Saver

GeoDrops can prevent root rot and help conserve up to 70% of outdoor water use.

Its AI sensors know precisely how much less water to use on cloudy days, and how many days to skip watering after a rain.

The Future is here

GeoDrops is made up of powerful, mini AI computer nodes, called Droplets.

GeoDrops is the next-generation AI smart home experience, and can be controlled anywhere via your own GeoDrops App.


What makes GeoDrops special?

Watch our recap of the Beta Launch Event to learn more.

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GeoDrops helps maintain a beautiful garden

GeoDrops works across all garden and soil types


(example:  ground-level, clay soil)

GeoDrops in lawn


(example:  raised-bed, sandy soil)

GeoDrops in flower bed


(example:  elevated-bed, compost & loam soil)

GeoDrops in vegetable garden


GeoDrops works for all watering methods

Manual watering

Use the GeoDrops App to optimize your watering schedule and receive timely reminders for the ideal watering time, ensuring your plants thrive with ease.

Irrigation controller

GeoDrops helps you set the perfect watering schedule, and receive timely reminders to take action against weather changes, ensuring your plants receive optimal care throughout the year.

Smart controller

GeoDrops seamlessly integrates with compatible Smart controllers (such as Rachio) using IFTTT, by using soil information to automatically drive a more effective watering schedule.



Easy as 1-2-3

GeoDrops can be installed in just a few minutes and is super easy to use

1. setup GeoDrops App on your smartphone

install GeoDrops App



2. place individual GeoDrops Droplets into your garden soil

install GeoDrops Droplet



3. Relax and let GeoDrops recommend the best watering schedule

let GeoDrops Cloud do the work




Don't miss our launch day pre-sales event.

Get up to 50% OFF GeoDrops bundles.



The future of gardening

Experience the power of GeoDrops - a system comprised of miniature WiFi-connected computers, called Droplets. Each Droplet boasts a powerful integrated AI sensor processor, capable of measuring the following:

Soil type

Moisture content


Surface temperature

GeoDrops revolutionizes your watering schedule by processing both Droplet data and online weather information.

This unique combination allows for an extremely effective watering schedule, ensuring your plants receive the precise amount of water they need.

GeoDrops sensor reading recommendation

(actual GeoDrops sensor data. fall 2022 in Mountain View, CA)


Extreme water efficiency

No more compromising between a beautiful garden and water conservation!

GeoDrops understands the physics behind evapotranspiration and automatically adjusts its algorithm to compensate for different real-world soil conditions, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of water.

GeoDrops Droplet is a highly advanced computer system


Save up to 70% on irrigation water with GeoDrops!

GeoDrops ensures that every water drop is used as efficiently as possible by your plants' roots, reducing waste and optimizing water usage.

Graph showing breakdown of watering efficiency of different systems


Best lawn buddy

GeoDrops works extremely well for lawns.

Hidden in plain sight

Go ahead, enjoy your lawn

GeoDrops Droplets are designed to withstand the elements, and are as small as a sprinkler head.

With up to 1 year of battery life, it's the ultimate set-and-forget experience for your watering needs.

GeoDrops sensor besides a lawn mower


And so much more


Advises when to over-seed your lawn

Get expert advice on the best time to over-seed your lawn with GeoDrops. GeoDrops monitors your soil's actual surface temperature so you don't over-seed your grass too early or too late in the season.

GeoDrops sensor reading recommendation

(actual GeoDrops sensor data. spring 2023 in Mountain View, CA)

Reduces bugs, flies, and fungi

Excessive moisture caused by overwatering can lead to the growth of pesky insects, mold, and fungi. GeoDrops can help prevent over-watering, reducing the chances of these issues and promoting healthy plant growth. 

Detects nearby water leaks

GeoDrops Droplets can detect water leaks from broken pipes or sprinkler heads nearby, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on your water bill and preventing property damage before it's too late.




Don't miss our launch day pre-sales event.

Get up to 50% OFF GeoDrops bundles.



GeoDrops:  a powerful AI computer

GeoDrops Droplets are not your average Smart sensors!

GeoDrops Droplets are powerful AI-capable computers that outmatch most other sensors on the market with their impressive computational power.

GeoDrops Droplet is up to 60x faster in CPU performance benchmark

Every GeoDrops system works independently and autonomously to create its own AI information network using one or more GeoDrops Droplets.

This level of on-site computational power, also known as edge computing, is essential for a real-time distributed AI system like GeoDrops to provide the most precise and efficient irrigation recommendations.


Tough against environment

GeoDrops Droplet is designed to be versatile and suitable for all types of gardening environments, while utilizing advanced industrial-grade materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Auto-grade, Marine-grade, and Aero-grade materials

Year-long battery life

Just 4x AA batteries can power a GeoDrops Droplet for up to a year of continuous operation.

GeoDrops is designed by Homedigy Inc, a Silicon Valley start-up with many engineering veterans from Top U.S. Tech companies.  Learn more about us here.


Future GeoDrops devices

GeoDrops is the future of gardening, and the GeoDrops Droplet is only the beginning.

GeoDrops Station will be the next product in the GeoDrops family. It is the single most requested add-on during our alpha-stage GeoDrops user trial, and it will help unlock even more GeoDrops capabilities.

Key Features


Chart showing 4-16x farther range between GeoDrops Droplet and Station in BTLR wireless mode


GeoDrops system with multiple Droplets and a Station

Look forward to hearing more from us in the future!

Special thanks to our amazing engineering sponsors, community gardens, and various online communities for making GeoDrops a reality.

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