World's smartest irrigation manager


Garden care is hard... How much should I water?

GeoDrops is the smarter way to water

GeoDrops is an A.I. sensor and powerful computer that monitors your garden in real-time, driving an extremely effective irrigation schedule.

Available summer 2023Starting at just $89 $69 (pre-order special)

(engineering prototype shown)

Prettier garden

No more guesswork or wasted water!  GeoDrops uses A.I. (artificial intelligence) sensors to measure exactly how much water your garden needs.

Hassle free

GeoDrops gives you peace of mind by continuously monitoring your garden and soil.  It can even control your Irrigation System directly with the optional GeoDrops hub.

Up to 70% water savings

Overwatering can result in unhealthy roots and withering plants.  On average, nearly half of household water is spent outdoors, where GeoDrops can save up to 70%.

The Future is now

With class-leading technologies in a tiny package, GeoDrops can also monitor your soil temperature for when to seed, detect water leaks, plus so much more!

GeoDrops helps maintain a beautiful garden

GeoDrops works across all garden and soil types


(example:  raised-bed, wood chip & sandy soil)

GeoDrops in flower bed


(example:  ground-level, loam soil)

GeoDrops in vegetable garden


(example:  ground-level, clay soil)

GeoDrops in lawn

Easy as 1-2-3

GeoDrops is simple to set up, and easy to use

1) install smartphone app

to pair GeoDrops to your home WiFi network.

2) insert sensor into soil

with just a tiny hand shovel and be done in seconds.

3) just sit back and enjoy

built-in A.I. sensor array analyzes your garden, and starts recommending the best watering schedule in as little as 1-2 weeks!

(plus) add an optional hub

for individual sensors to directly manage and drive your irrigation controller's schedule!

GeoDrops sensor vertical view

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Garden care done right

In addition to online weather forecast, GeoDrops also measures the followings to determine the most effective and efficient watering schedule.

(Previously, this level of on-site measurement could only be achieved using agricultural-grade sensor systems, costing thousands of $)

Soil type

Water content

Evapotranspiration rate

Surface temperature

(actual GeoDrops sensor data, fall 2022 in Mountain View, CA)

Best lawn buddy

GeoDrops is also purposely designed to be your perfect lawn companion!

Hidden in plain sight

Go ahead, enjoy your lawn

Each GeoDrops sensor is the size of a sprinkler head, and is tough against everyday outdoor use.

With up to 1 year battery life, it's truly a set-and-forget experience.

GeoDrops sensor besides a lawn mower

Works in any garden

GeoDrops works across all soil types, as well as all common watering methods shown below.

Manual watering

GeoDrops App reminds you of when and how long to water.

Irrigation controllers

Traditional Irrigation Controllers

GeoDrops Hub (available late 2023) can directly control your traditional controller's entire irrigation schedule and provide Wifi access, turning your good old irrigation controllers "smart".

Smart controllers

Smart Irrigation Controllers

GeoDrops Hub (available late 2023) can augment your Smart Controller by regulating its built-in watering schedule with a more effective one custom tailored to your own garden.

And so much more ...

Advises when to plant or seed

Most nurseries and retail stores start selling new plants before spring has truly arrived.  Because GeoDrops monitors your soil's actual temperature level and more, it can recommend the best time to plant or seed your garden.

Reduces bugs, flies, and fungi

Pesky insects, as well as mold and fungi, thrive on excessive moisture due to overwatering.  GeoDrops helps you water efficiently deep to the root zone, allowing the lawn and soil surface to remain dry much longer.

Detects nearby water leaks

Each GeoDrops sensor can discover water leaks from broken pipes or sprinkler heads in its vicinity, potentially saving you hundreds of $ on your water bill, not to mention the possibility of property damage before it's too late.

GeoDrops allows you to enjoy your lawn and garden to its fullest

GeoDrops:  world-class engineering

Tough against the environment




Impact resistant,

Corrosion resistant,

UV resistant,

Heat-wave resistant.

GeoDrops is built with advanced automotive-grade ASA plastic polymer, aerospace-grade G10 fiberglass, and marine-grade 316 stainless steel.

Ultra long-range wireless

GeoDrops sensors and hub communicate using custom BTLR wireless, covering up to 4x farther distance than your home WiFi, or up to 2 acres of land.

Year-long battery life

Just 4x AA batteries allow a GeoDrops sensor to operate continuously for up to an entire year.

GeoDrops is designed by Homedigy Inc, a Silicon Valley start-up with many engineering veterans from Top U.S. Tech companies.  Learn more about us here.

Special thanks to our amazing sponsors and the open source community for making GeoDrops a reality.

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